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Wisconsin Medical Society
Lobbying at the capitol with the Wisconsin Medical Society.

I have been heavily involved with the Wisconsin Medical Society since 2009. I have also served as a Milwaukee county delegate at the society's annual meeting three years in a row and as a reference committee member two years in a row. In 2010, I joined the Health Care Access Council and worked with fellow council members to create guidelines to further health care access within Wisconsin and spent time lobbying within the state senate to promote better policy regarding insurance access. Finally, I worked with the Medical Society of Milwaukee County and Free and Community Clinic Collaborative to develop their websites.

Free Clinic Work

I have been working with several free clinics including the Greater Milwaukee Free Clinic and the Saturday Free Clinic to provide free care to uninsured and underinsured patients within Milwaukee. Beyond directly providing care within the clinic, I designed a website for the GMFC which has benefited thousands of people over the years and helped the clinic raise money to support itself, and I answer all online emails. I have also been involved with fund-raising projects within the Free and Community Clinic Collaborative.